Specified fasteners for Allura fiber cement siding/architectural panels

AlluraUSA recommends 300 series austenitic stainless steel cladding fasteners from SFS when installing Allura fiber cement siding/architectural panels using Easytrim Reveals™ wall panel systems.

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Allura panel to wood fastener

TW-S-D12 for Allura panel to wood 

304SS Type A
Product data sheet | PDF

Allura panel to steel fastener

SX3-D12 Allura panel to steel

304SS bi-metal self-drill

Perfectly matched fasteners to Allura panels

Color selector tool

Our partnership with AlluraUSA  allows us to match your SFS fasteners to the exact color of your Allura vertical siding (panel) and Allura lap siding (plank) via our color selector tool. This tool provide the confidence that the fastener is painted the correct color that allows the beauty of the Allura panels to shine through.

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Allura fiber cement siding/architectural panels

For more information on Allura fiber cement panels visit Allura website

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