Specified fasteners for Fundermax panels

Fundermax North America specifies SFS fasteners for the attachment of their Max Compact exterior panels.

*Building and panel system images are property of Fundermax

Color selector tool

Our partnership with Fundermax allows us to match your SFS fasteners to the exact color of your phenolic HPL panels via our color selector tool. This tool allows the designer freedom to have either a nearly invisible fastening system or a highlighted exposed presentation by finding the prescribed SFS Vista paint color used on your Fundermax panels.

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Exposed fastened panel systems

TW-S-D13 for Max Compact panels

304SS Type A
Product data sheet | PDF

AP16 Rivet for Max Compact panels

Aluminum body rivet with 304 stainless mandrel
Product data sheet | PDF

Hidden fastening panel systems

TUF-S for hidden fastener for Max Compact  panels

Product data sheet | PDF

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