Introducing the new Woodgrip+

Unique, innovative thread design pierces multiple layers and metal panels without pre-drilling, and leaves virtually no debris or metal chips behind

Pierces multiple panel layers without leaving debris or burrs

Speed and ease of installation
  • Innovative point and thread design produces the best installation experience
  • Pierces panel quickly versus the slow drilling action of other fasteners
  • No metal chips left on roof that drill point fasteners create

Weathertight security
  • Superior control seal washer withstands overdriving without deformation providing ultimate resistance to leaks
  • Higher fastener strip out values resulting in less potential leaks

Corrosion resistance
  • VistaCoat® premium system coating on the entire fastener, not just the head
  • Non-conductive sealing material minimizes potential panel corrosoion 
  • VistaCoat® limited warranty

Key features of the #10-12/24 Woodgrip+ metal to wood screw

  • High hex washer head provides driving stability
  • Innovative patent-pending point and thread design
  • Pierces panel quickly while leaving no metal chips
  • Assembled control seal washer
  • VistaCoat® premium coating system
  • VistaCoat® limited warranty

How the Woodgrip+ design works

Download the Woodgrip+ brochure and technical data sheet

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