isoweld®  induction welding equipment

The all-in-one attachment system for TPO and PVC membrane

Meet isoweld®, an innovative induction welding system for low slope roofing that securely attaches TPO and PVC membrane to insulation without penetrating the membrane. Heat is applied where the membrane overlaps with the fasteners and plates that secure the insulation to the decking, to create a weld between the two elements. The isoweld®  system comes in several forms for peak convenience and is ready to conquer all of your low slope roofing projects.

Why choose isoweld®  induction welders for your low slope roofing installation?
  • 3-way weld verification
  • No false positive welds
  • Agility-centered machine design
  • Ergonomic formats that help prevent movements that are hard on installers
  • Only a 1 step calibration
  • Constant monitoring of membrane surface temperature
  • Plate-finding search function
  • 24 months or 200,000 welds warranty

isoweld®  - induction welding tools

isoweld® 3000 stand-up tool

Tool includes:
  • 1 isoweld® 3000 stand-up tool
  • 1 calibration template
  • 5 replacement protective pads for inductor
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 transport case

isoweld® backpack

Tool includes:
  • 1 isoweld® backpack tool
  • 1 calibration template
  • 5 replacement protective pads for inductor
  • 1 hand-held inductor with cord straps
  • 1 wired activation switch
  • 1 adjustable handle
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 transport case
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isoweld® hand-held inductor

Tool is for:
  • Tight spaces
  • Working near rooftop protrusions
  • Parapet walls 
  • Connecting to backpack with an adjustable handle
Tool comes with:
  • 1 handheld inductor
  • 1 Cord strap
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isoweld® induction welding system components

Stress plates

Plates with proprietary adhesive coatings uniquely designed for use with isoweld® on PVC and TPO membrane.

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Use with isoweld® induction welding tools and applications approved by the roofing system manufacturer.  Use with #15 Dekfast , #12 Purlin , TPR-L peel rivet , and FI-R-20 sleeve.


A set of 12 specially designed isoweld® magnets, used for clamping and cooling of the weld.  Detachable handles allow for use in tight areas and parapet walls. Supplied in their own shipping/storage case. 
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Why choose induction welding?

Induction welding is a unique process that welds stress plates to TPO or PVC membrane using heat and radio frequency alternating currents. SFS advocates for this connection process because:

Speed - Induction welding machines facilitate rapid connection creation, achieving individual welds in mere seconds. By simply pressing the inductor pad onto the plate, pressing a button initiates an almost instantaneous weld. This efficiency enables contractors to substantially reduce installation time, allowing them to complete more projects within a given timeframe.

Durability - Induction welding creates a very strong connection that is pressure and weather tight. When executed using SFS technology, the connection can withstand up to 200 MPH winds.

Safety - This welding method eliminates the use of an open flame, concentrating heat at a safe distance from the installer. In turn, the use of an induction welder results in a reduced need for extensive protective equipment and fewer associated hazards such as smoke, fumes, and chemicals.

Ease of Use - With fewer hazards and ergonomic machinery design, induction welding simplifies the overall installation process by minimizing disruptions and hazards. Plus, the equipment is easy to learn and maintain. 

FAQs about the isoweld® system

How do induction coils work?
In order to perform an induction weld, an electrical current is run through conductive coils. As current flows through the coil, it creates an electromagnetic field. When a metal, such as an isoweld plate, comes into contact with this electromagnetic field, it will heat up the metal. This is exactly the same mechanism by which an induction cooking stove works. In the case of isoweld, when the plate comes into contact with the electromagnetic field, it becomes hot enough to slightly exceed the "activation temperature" of the heat-activated, pre-applied TPO or PVC (KEE) adhesive on the plate.  Once clamped and cooled for a short period of time using a specifically designed magnet, the plate becomes securely bonded to the roof cover.

How do I set up my Isoweld® tool?
To set up your tool, view our informational series here.
How do I buy additional replacement protective pads for the isoweld® 3000 stand up tool?
You can purchase additional replacement protective pads (and other replacement items) by contacting one of our isoweld® Team members today:  800-234-4533  or email us at 

Is it safe to use isoweld® induction welding tools with non-SFS fasteners and stress plates?
For the safest and most reliable results use the isoweld® induction welding machinery with SFS stress plates. Our engineering team specifically designed, tested, and calibrated the tools with the expectation that they will be utilized together. Likewise, to ensure a secure attachments of SFS plates to the membrane, it is best to use SFS fasteners.

How should I store my isoweld® induction welding tools?
All isoweld tools and magnet sets are equipped with robust, watertight and pressure-regulated cases; so you should have peace of mind when it comes to transport and handling of the tool components. This also means that your investments will be reliably protected from the elements; however, it is always encouraged to keep the cases and components covered with an additional weather barrier during idle times. Although not always practical, it would be recommended to store the tools and components indoors for ultimate security and reliability. This is especially important when ambient temperatures drop below around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In situations moving equipment from cold ambient temperature to a warm indoor environment, it is further recommended to open the cases in order to minimize the risk of condensation forming on or inside the tools and components due to the insulated, weathertight nature of the storage cases.

What do I do if I need my isoweld®  tool repaired?
If you have completed troubleshooting your isoweld® induction welding tools and find that it needs repairs, contact our trained technicians that will address your issues in a timely manner.  Visit our tool repair program for instructions and the isoweld®  tool repair form.

Protect your warranty on your recently purchased induction welding tools!

To protect your investment, please register your tool purchase within 30 days of purchase. What you will need:
  1. The serial number of the equipment you purchased
  2. Your general information; including name, address, phone number, and email
  3. SFS invoice number or uploadable picture of your tool purchase receipt
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Improve effiency with one-step calibration and the fastest weld times in the industry with the comprehensive induction welding systems of isoweld®. Call 1-800-234-4533 to learn how SFS can provide induction welding equipment and optional tool trainings for your next roofing project.    
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