NVELOPE NH2 vertical to horizontal adaptor

NH2 is the NVELOPE system that accommodates horizontal rails and applications

NH2 brackets and fasteners enable easy application and adjustment in order to accommodate horizontal rails and cladding installation.


  • Adjustability: The bracket’s "helping hand" design allows for horizontal rail insertion depth up to 1.375" max, which ensures that facade panels are plumb and true, thus greatly reducing or eliminating the need for shims. 
  • Quick and Easy Installation: The "helping hand" bracket holds the rail in place, enabling builders to install the system up to 50% quicker than they would otherwise. 
  • Thermal Efficiency: Thermal spacers provide thermal break to reduce energy loss through wall assembly. 
  • Versatile Usage: The NH2 vertical-to-horizontal adaptor is compatible with many cladding and building materials. What’s more, brackets can be adjusted to provide the optimal fit. 
  • Structurally Sound: SFS designed the NH2 System to expand and contract as necessary. What’s more, we utilize premium materials and thoroughly test all building components to guarantee top-of-the-line performance.


  • Manufactured from extruded aluminum alloy 6005A-T6 


  • British Board of Agreement
  • Meets the compliance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and NFPA 285.


  • NVELOPE brackets: allows adjustment between the face of the primary support to outer face of vertical profile.
  • Thermal isolators: hard PVC isolator assembled as standard (located between the NVELOPE bracket and the primary structural support system).

Range of adjustment

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The NH2 vertical to horizontal adaptor is a key member of the NVELOPE line of rainscreen cladding systems. Each system consists of the essential brackets, rails, and fasteners needed to attach facades to exterior walls while addressing the unique needs of the project. All components and systems are the byproduct of ongoing testing and customer feedback, ensuring that we present best-in-market rainscreen cladding solutions. If you have questions about the NH2 system or the attachment of horizontal rails, please call 1-844-NVELOPE (683-5673).
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