FNB Financial tower

First case of Floor 2 Floor system by SFS Group used in the US

The situation

The FNB Financial Center, over 20 stories tall and 469,452 RSF, will be a dynamic hub for numerous businesses in the Pittsburgh area. The building is both LEED certified and sustainably designed, utilizing SMART building technology with the largest community impact plan in the United States. From its captivating floor-to-ceiling windows to its safe and convenient parking garage, every detail of the building involved thorough decision making with the local community in mind. The contractor, Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal, is known for their extensive experience in rainscreen systems, and when looking for a system to support their needs, they turned to NVELOPE.

The solution:

Ensuring that the attached parking garage visually complimented the modern architecture of the tower was made easy with the NVELOPE F2F. This façade support system was ideal when it came to the installation processes and the security that it provided the final structure. SFS designed this system with a variety of installation assists, the most notable being the "Helping Hand." This feature allows the installers to make fine-tune adjustments without the need for shims. Once installed, its framing system spans floor slab to floor slab and will absorb wind loading to allow for expansion/contraction and vertical dead loads.

The NH3 system, used to support the facade siding of the Tower's Penthouse, also offered a variety of benefits. Similar to the F2F, the system will allow for expansion and contraction in response to outside temperatures. It's installation is notably quick and easy, and will result in a durable infrastructure for facade panels to be securely face-fastened to.

Not only is the FNB Financial Center important for the city, but it represents an exciting architectural accomplishment for SFS as it is the first project in North America to feature the versatile NVELOPE Floor-to-Floor (F2F system). SFS is proud to be a part of the impact that this building will have.

Project highlights


Main contractor
Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Product Used

Project value
$200 Million

FNB Tower Case Study PDF
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