Mass Timber Introduction

Course Number:TWSFS002

Credits: 1 LU|HSW

Presenter: Arnaud Nangue| Business Director SFS Group

The popularity of Mass Timber structures continues to grow throughout the United States as owners, developers, architects and contractors embrace both the environmental and sustainability benefits, aesthetics and increased construction speed of this innovative building type.
As the number of projects increases, there is a strong desire to understand the different aspects of the Mass Timber Structures such as the supply chain, the different products, the connections, Fire resistance.

Fire resistance in Mass Timber is an important consideration to ensure the safety of occupants and the structural integrity of the buildings. This additional requirement implies Mass Timber professionals to continue to improve their understanding of fire safety and adhere to relevant fire codes and regulations.

The connections play an important role as well as they primarily ensure the structural integrity of buildings. Therefor, it is important to understand the QA/QC process and the steps undertaken to produce High Quality connections.

The intent of the presentation will be to provide insights into the different aspects of the Mass Timber Construction, products used in the construction process, The different types of Mass Timber products, Fire Resistance Rating, the different types of connections and the screw manufacturing process, features and benefits of utilization of Mass Timber in Construction, and past and existing projects.
Learning objective 1
Understand the Mass Timber Construction Market and its development

Learning objective 2
Understand the different Mass Timber products and their supply chain, the different types of connections and their selection

Learning objective 3
Gain an insight on the Fire Safety Design in the Mass Timber Industry and the Fire Resistance Rating for the different building types

Learning objective 4
Understand the manufacturing process of screws and gain awareness of the Hydrogen Embrittlement and the consequences for Mass Timber Buildings
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