Bi-Met 300® screws—your answer to fast application and unwavering corrosion resistance

Bi-Met 300® series fasteners combine two steels to yield best-in-class performance, from efficient self-drilling to decades of rust-free security.

Maximize efficiency no matter the substrate

Bi-Met 300® self-drilling screws meld 304 stainless steel and alloy steel to leverage their differing strengths. The result? A self-drilling, bi-metal screw capable of tapping threads into the sturdiest of substrates while also achieving maximum rust protection. 

The utilization of the hardened, carbon steel tip and lead threads eliminate the need for pre-drilling and give way to fast, easy application. This allows builders to use only one tool instead of two, subsequently driving down installation time, labor costs, and tool maintenance costs.

Whether used in light, medium, or heavy-gauge metal connections, the Bi-Met 300® series stainless steel fasteners will pierce and grip with unwavering stability and fortitude. 

300 stainless steel–the undefeated champion for screws’ corrosion resistance

Not all stainless steel is created equal. While all offer some degree of corrosion resistance, none matches the protection of 300 series metals. This includes the ever-popular 400 series steels; though suitable for some applications, it is vulnerable to Hydrogen Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking (HASCC) and can develop harmful rust with prolonged exposure to harsher elements. This jeopardizes the integrity of the screw’s connection by weakening
  • Pull out values
  • Shear strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Ductility
For this reason, SFS engineered its ultimate self-drilling bi-metal fastening solution using 304 stainless steel, resilient enough to stand up to dissimilar metal connections, pollution, and highly corrosive environments without compromising connection integrity.

Avoid dangerous and costly corrosion-based failures by choosing the right fastener the first time.

Bi-metal fastening solutions for diverse application needs

The Bi-Met 300® line features 304 stainless steel screws for a variety of intended uses, including
  • #10-16 SD2 Bi-Met 300® subframe attachment – this fastener accommodates light to medium metal attachment, such as with curtain wall or envelope installation. It has a low hex washer suitable for ACM and MCM framing.
  • #12-14 SD3 Bi-Met 300® subframe attachment – This 304 stainless steel screw offers any of the same benefits as the above-mentioned fastener but with all-around added strength and deeper drilling capacity.
  • #12-14 SD3 Pancake Bi-Met 300® subframe attachment – similar to the above, this screw also is compatible with light to medium bi-metal connections. However, its pancake head style is fitting for projects in which screws are visible.
  • #12-24 SD5 Bi-Met 300® subframe attachment – this 304 stainless steel screw can self-drill into metal half an inch thick and offer more tensile, shear, and torsional strength than any bimetal fastener we previously mentioned. It comes with a 5/16" AF hex washer head.
  • 1/4-14 SD2 Bi-Met 300® – Also offered with 20 threads per inch and SD4 and SD5 drill points, the 1/4-14 SD2 Bi-Met 300® offers best-in-class load-bearing and material strength.
These links only represent a sampling of the many screws that make up the Bi-Met 300® collection. We welcome you to explore our full 300-series screw offering or contact our team for targeted product recommendations.

Dive in to articles written by our in-house experts to learn more! 

SFS built a legacy of innovation that progresses today

SFS invented the original bi-metal stainless steel screw, the SX, in 1979 and continues to lead related innovation. Our dedication to perfectionism results in the best rust-resistant, self-drilling fastener on the market. However, our customer-first mentality extends beyond our product development. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and industry expertise, availing us as true strategic assets to customers. Whether you want to schedule a phone call to seek procurement advice, or explore our extensive engineering services, we’re here to help you succeed.
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