Why partner with SFS for facade panel screws, rivets, and tools?

The very nature of facade fasteners requires them to withstand large loads while confronting damaging UV rays and moisture. If you choose the wrong screw or rivet, you face unnecessary labor costs and safety risks in the interim. Moreover, these issues will only worsen with time as the fasteners’ integrity diminishes.

We couple industry-leading design with hands-on experts to help you find the optimal panel screw or rivet. Below are seven ways in which we help customers win.

We are a proven product development pioneer

We first developed game-changing bi-metal operations in the 1980s, enabling builders to employ stainless fasteners with steel substrates without time-consuming pre-drilling. Our track record of innovation continues today with the patented #12-16 ACM screw (affectionately nicknamed the “Jimmy screw” in honor of its inventor). This SFS-exclusive screw uniquely empowers builders to skip pre-drilling, countersinking, and anchoring the hole, subsequently streamlining a three-step process into a single step. The resulting time savings and risk-reduction grow exponentially with each applied ACM fastener.

SFS has its imitators, but we continue to set the gold standard in facade fastener product development.

We offer a full catalog of facade fasteners

No matter the panel material or thickness, we have the ideal facade screw or rivet to match. We design each component to address the specific challenges of different substrates. As a result, builders can expect reduced application time and tools, maximized safety and panel integrity, and long-lasting results.

We offer products specially designed to supplement both popular and emerging facade panel lines, such as James Hardie, TAKTL, and Trespa. Our knowledgeable team can direct you towards the correlating fasteners, removing all guesswork.  

We employ premium metals to provide impenetrable strength and corrosion-resistance 

We don't compromise when it comes to corrosion, and neither should you. Our facade screws and rivets utilize stainless steel and other rust-resistant metals to ensure that panels stay safely secured for decades to come. Our in-depth inventory includes screws and rivets suited for various environments, including 316 stainless steel fasteners resilient enough for coastal construction.

Elevate your projects with our aesthetically pleasing solutions

Face-fastened screws and rivets can visually detract from an otherwise striking architectural design. SFS helps professionals minimize fasteners’ appearance in multiple ways:
  • Unique to SFS, TU panel fastener enable concealed application to eliminate the appearance of fasteners. Featuring 316 stainless steel, the rivets are compatible with HPL, fiber cement, or fiber concrete panels. The one-of-a-kind design prevents overdriving and requires no special tools, saving builders both money and time.
  • The SFS Color-Vista Paint System renders low-profile screws near-invisible. We can match almost any facade panel with our premium pain that is impervious to the fading effects of UV rays. 

We can customize panel fasteners based on unique build requirements

Our in-house engineers, testing facilities, and manufacturing plants are at your disposal to create one-of-a-kind facade fasteners specifically for your project. Let’s invent success together!

Customers work directly with facade fastener engineers

Customers can consult directly with product line manager James Cole and his fellow team members about product selection and installation practices. Though the facade fastener team is part of a large company with international reach, we pride ourselves on giving our customers individualized attention and expert-level consultation.

Facade fasteners come with services to enhance efficiencies and results

Whether you require shop drawings, lab services, express shipping, or job site support, our team is ready to lend a hand. Unlike your typical parts supplier, we pay close attention to your goals and work hard to help you succeed.

Browse our inventory or call 800-234-4533 to find your perfect facade fastening solution.

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you with your project. Browse our selection and contact us today to speak with a member of the SFS team.

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