L, T, Omega, & other rails make the NVELOPE system a versatile one

NVELOPE system rails are non-combustible and provide unmatched support for your cladding. Our rails are designed to meet all building requirements and not detract from approved NFPA 285 plans.

We proudly offer a full range of profiles so you can easily find the right rail for your cladding material, cavity depth, and cladding installation needs. Plus, we offer custom profiles, anodizing, and powder coating. Build with confidence with robust yet cost-efficient NVELOPE rail systems for cladding installation.

L rails

T rails

Omega rails

Z rails

NV3 rails

Support your rainscreen cladding with the strength of NVELOPE rails and other fastening solutions from SFS. Contact us at 1-844-NVELOPE to discuss how our team can best support your railing and cladding installation needs.
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Data Sheets

NVELOPE 3 mm Box rail

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