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A library of product overview brochures and other relevent product  literature

The Building Envelope Specialist

Fastening Solutions: North America Division Construction
An overview of SFS products for the market segments we serve

Self-drilling Screw Selection Guide

The key factors in this guide will assist you in selecting the ideal self-drilling screw for your job.

NVELOPE Thermally Broken Cladding Support Systems

Overview of the NVELOPE support systems, components, and fasteners.  

Mass Timber Construction Fasteners

Fasteners uniquely engineered for connections in timber construction

Architectural / Commercial Construction Fasteners

A broad selection of full stainless and bi-metal fasteners designed specifically for facade panel attachment, curtainwalls, and sub frame connections

Post Frame Fastening Solutions

Screws for attachment of metal panel to wood, structural wood connections, and accessories you need for pole buildings and post frame construction

Metal Building Fastening Solutions

ZAC® and MAC™ capped heads, Impax™ product line, Bi-Met 300® fasteners, Flex5 Grade 5 performance fasteners, and carbon and stainless tappers.  

Low Slope Roof Fastening Solutions

Fasteners for the attachment of insulation and coverboard to wood or metal substrates. Stress plates for insulation and membrane attachment.  Specialty fasteners for problematic roofs, wall terminations, and more.

ConnexTite™ Structural Wood Screws

Ideal for single and multi-ply truss, column, header and joist applications.

Offsite and Modular Construction

SFS products, services and automations apply to the many requirements and needs in offsite and modular construction


Overview of the many value-added services SFS offers

Digital logistics

Automated inventory management systems