Who is SFS and Why Partner with Us?

We are more than a fastening system supplier; we are global industry leaders driving innovation, expert consultants, logistics technology providers, and your strategic partner from project conception to completion.


What do we value?

Environmentally-conscious product design and top safety standards

Thinking and acting sustainably is part of SFS's DNA. Our claim is to always act fairly and responsibly.  Important progress has been made towards achieving ambitious targets such as your recent reduction in CO2 emissions by –11.9% and occupational accidents by –12.8%. We also leverage waste-limiting manufacturing techniques such as cold forming and deep drawing technology, and strive for new ways to lower our CO2 emissions. Click here to learn more: https://sustainability.sfs.com/en/

We hire the best and cultivate growth

We take pride in the values that our employees work hard to uphold. Our employees act with a sense of community in their everyday interactions. They also exemplify transparency and expertise when seeking solutions. From our engineers to our production operators to our drivers, every individual plays an important role in supporting our products and services. We create work environments where our team members can thrive, collaborate, and pursue opportunities of interest.  

A partnership that ensures success

A strong relationship with customers is highly valued by SFS. These relationships are maintained with constant and effective communication. We consider ourselves to be partners with our customers and are always collaborating with them to build forward thinking solutions. It is important to us to create solutions via ingenuity, where our customers are not asked to compromise. With over 90 years of construction experience behind us, we offer a multifaceted approach to the industry. To learn why seasoned architects and contractors trust us with their most important builds, visit our Testimonials page

High quality standards

Though small in stature, fasteners play a large role in the long-term success of a build. This is why we work tirelessly to maximize our products’ ease of implementation and lasting results. Each fastener design undergoes meticulous testing to measure wind uplift, weather and corrosion resistance, and overall strength and function. We feel pride in our products that are made with innovative designs that incorporate added functions, and help eliminate the need to purchase multiple components. You can feel confident about an investment in SFS products as it saves you hours of research and provides a stress-free experience with fast shipping and high quality products. 

How did we begin?

From Switzerland To the United States...

SFS is a Swiss company that began in Altstatten, Switzerland as a hardware store in 1928. This store was originally known as SFS Stadler, after its founder, Benjamin Stadler. The company experienced extreme growth and success under his son, Josef Stadler and his first apprentice, Hans Huber.  After 32 years of working to expand their expertise, they began to manufacture their own screws in Heerbrugg, Switzerland in 1960. This was made possible when SFS began using a "double pressure parts system" for double glazing windows.

SFS entered the United States Construction division through a company called Construction Fasteners. In 1968, Construction Fasteners became established in Wyomissing Pennsylvania with an office building and production facility. In fact, this office remains the main headquarters for the United States to this day. As Construction Fasteners/SFS continued to experience great success in the United States, they expanded with 2 more production sites between 1980 and 2000. In 2002, SFS bought CFI as well as began bundling many of the industrial and trading activities under the SFS intec and SFS uni-market brands.

SFS began to publically associate with the claim of "Inventing success together" in 2018. The claim helped summarize the DNA of SFS that has existed since its foundation. This is also when the previously mentioned SFS intec and SFS unimarket brands began to appear simply as "SFS" for the first time.

Today, SFS is comprised of approximately 13,500 employees in different countries worldwide. This includes 26 countries and over 100 locations. In the United States, our construction division has expanded to serve all across the country, with locations in Atlanta, Sacramento, and Durant. We now have sales representatives disbursed throughout the country, committed to creating a relationship with customers from all over the United States.

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Collaborate With SFS to Build With Confidence 

We welcome you to discuss with a member of our team which of our products best align with your building plans. What’s more, we want to hear about your overall goals and challenges. Though we are a large company with international reach, we pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to meet our customers’ timelines, budgets, and specs. Call 1-800-234-4533 to get started!

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