Why partner with SFS for standing seam screws and clips?

There are plenty of reasons to utilize standing seam designs: superior resistance to extreme weather, low upkeep costs, broad style options, and sustainability through the utilization of recycled materials. However, standing seam roofs and cladding only offer these benefits when installed with proper clips and screws. 

Below are four reasons to leverage specialized fasteners from SFS.

Our standing seam clips and plates are made in the USA

Standing seam panel clips and bearing plates are 100% American-made, resulting in more jobs for US-residents. However, the benefits extend beyond local pride and community support. Domestically-produced products greatly reduce the likelihood of supply chain disruptions caused by international relations, political shifts, or natural disasters. This enables us to reliably meet your deadlines.

We offer an extensive inventory to meet diverse needs 

We carefully cultivated our collection of standing seam clips, fasteners, and bearing plates to fulfill a broad range of applications. Choose from multiple clip types, screw head profiles, dimensions and gauges, and metals. We even offer a specialty section dedicated to hard-to-find designs.

If you’re struggling to find the standing seam fastener that serves your build requirements, our team can provide expert advice or customize a solution on your behalf.

Our standing seam products are industry tested and approved

SFS has designed and manufactured standing seam clips, screws, and bearing plates for more than three decades. We earn the metal roofing industry’s trust through meticulous product development and testing reflective of our customers’ shifting needs. We employ value engineering practices to deliver both quality with cost-savings for our growing client base.

We prioritize first-rate customer service to reinforce customer success

We may be a large company with international reach, but we provide the personalized customer service you would expect from a small team. Customers can consult directly with product managers and engineers who bring years of standing seam roofing experience. We offer procurement and job site services, as well as necessary product design and testing.

In short, SFS treats our customers’ wins as our own and we will work diligently to assist in your success.  

Browse our standing seam products or call 800-234-4533 to partner with SFS

Our team members can answer all questions, recommend specific fasteners, and discuss related services. We familiarize ourselves with your building plans, desired procurement timelines, and budgetary restraints so we can create solutions that satisfy all your needs.
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