NVELOPE rainscreen cladding brackets

NVELOPE brackets reduce thermal bridging and bimetallic corrosion to provide a strong nucleus for NVELOPE systems.

NVELOPE  brackets come in standard depth dimensions of 40-300mm and use their 1.5" of adjustability to handle cavity depths from 1.85" to 13.5". The brackets are offered as singles and doubles for the wind load and dead load, respectively. Additionally, brackets are designed for attachment to different substrates, such as steel, concrete, or wood, by having 6.5mm and 11mm holes.


  • Adjustability: bracket "helping hand" allows for rail insertion depth up to 1.5" max, which ensures that facade panels are plumb and true, thus eliminating the need for shims.
  • Fast & easy to install: the "helping hand" bracket holds the rail in place to allow up to 50% faster install.
  • Thermally efficient: thermal spacer provides thermal break to reduce energy loss through wall assembly.


  • Materialmanufactured from extruded aluminum alloy 6005A-T6.
  • Material spacer: Polypropylene (green). 
  • Approvals: British Board of Agreement (BBA) - 09/4678

Single bracket for steel , wood or filled CMU substrate

2 x 6.5 mm slot, 1 x 11 mm slot

Double bracket for steel or wood substrate

3 x 6.5 mm slot

Double bracket for concrete / filled CMU substrate

3 x 6.5 mm slot
The fastening of rainscreen cladding requires precision and strength, even when facing harsh elements. SFS engineers NVELOPE brackets for unparalleled performance. Learn more about the brackets best suited to support your rainscreen cladding project by calling 1-844-NVELOPE (683-5673).