Meet the #12 Woodgrip™ XG–the premier metal panel to OSB fastener

Aggressive threads deliver maximum security with minimal strip-out, verified through rigorous testing and real-world application

Superior hold for superior results–that’s the time-tested promise of the #12 Woodgrip™ OSB  screw.

Fasten OSB, plywood, and 1x4 pine with optimal stability, efficiency, and unflinching confidence thanks to the high hex washer head and sharp drill point for clean penetration with minimal splitting. 

The aggressive 8 threads per inch yields superior driving speed and security; in fact, strip out values average over 30% higher than standard wood screws.  

Key features of the #12 Woodgrip™ XG OSB screw

  • High hex washer head for driving stability
  • 8-threads per inch, yielding threads designed for unrelenting grip
  • Sharp self-drill point designed for fast application and to minimize OSB from splintering
  • Protective VistaCoat® premium coating system color-matched to the panel and backed by a limited warranty
  • Strip out value ratings are tested to be 30% greater than those of standard wood screws

Download the Woodgrip™ XG technical data sheet

An OSB screw designed to withstand whatever weather comes its way

As OSB grows in popularity within the construction industry, contractors continue to find that #9 and #10 wood screws do not hold as well and can’t provide the long-lasting strength required for the application. Re-roofing or re-fastening projects cannot rely on ordinary fasteners either as they can strip out and loosen over time, particularly when confronted with rough natural elements. SFS engineered every component of the #12 Woodgrip™ XG—from the washer’s weather-tight seal to VistaCoat® outer protection against corrosion—for maximum strength against the worst weather.

CMT Components & Dutch Builders discuss the power of the XG!

Fast application with cost-saving results

Attach OSB and plywood to metal with peak efficiency that leads to significant time savings. The sharp drill point eliminates the need for a pilot hole and pierces substrates with ease, reducing physical exertion. Furthermore, the high hex washer head helps safeguard from slipping.

With the #12 Woodgrip™ XG, it’s easy to get it right the first time. Plus, with the screws’ long-lasting protection from rust, the job will only have to be done once.

Screw Science #05: Fastening wooden panels

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Build with confidence with industry pioneer, SFS

SFS is a leading trailblazer of fasteners and systems with worldwide acclaim. First established in 1928, we built our name through decades of inventing and perfecting screws and similar parts. Today, we continue our legacy by recruiting and nurturing top innovators, stringently testing all fastener designs, and collaborating with architects and contractors to understand their primary needs. Careful consideration goes into every product we engineer, including the #12 Woodgrip™ XG.
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