Why partner with SFS for NVELOPE rainscreen cladding systems?

Our NVELOPE rainscreen cladding systems employ high-grade materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, and industry connections to deliver industry-leading solutions

Below are seven reasons to trust NVELOPE to deliver the thermally broken cladding support system you need.  

Superior performance that doesn’t come with inflated price tags

First developed in the 1980s, NVELOPE systems continue to build upon success through innovation driven by customer priorities and future demands. Today’s systems and included brackets, rails, hangers, anchors, and fasteners deliver the following
  • The versatility necessary to accommodate a broad range of cladding materials, cavity depths, and configurations
  • Thermal predictability
  • Structural soundness for facades up to 18-pounds per square foot
  • Corrosion-prevention in even the most demanding environments
  • Color-matching and concealed fastening options for heightened aesthetics aligned with contemporary trends
  • Optional anodization and polyester powder coating

NVELOPE systems provide customers with cost savings achieved through value engineering principles and strong ties to rainscreen panel manufacturers.

We cater to your specific needs with tailored or fully custom NVELOPE systems

The installation of thermally broken cladding systems requires panels to fit with absolute precision. Our adjustable fastening systems empower installers to modify dimensions to fulfill project specifications. However, to further achieve the necessary exactitude, we can customize NVELOPE components, including rail length and fastener profile.

We build strong relationships with customers based on transparency, attentiveness, and knowledge-driven creativity. We work diligently to help architects and builders conquer unconventional challenges through engineering consultation and custom prototype development.

Expedited and easy installation of system components 

NVELOPE brackets—the quintessential backbone for our cladding support systems—include the “helping hand” feature that holds rails in place, resulting in up to 50% faster installation. Using NVELOPE brackets also eliminates the need for shims, reducing associated time and materials costs.

Proactive services to support your success

The team supporting NVELOPE products is the ace up your sleeve. We offer versatile services to help you proceed with confidence and overcome unique obstacles. Examples include
  • Stamped calculations and shop drawingsIn order to provide optimal moisture management and energy efficiency, rainscreen systems rely upon meticulous calculations and planning with no margin of error. Our engineers can customize advanced stamped calculations to anchor your rainscreen cladding project and enable you to execute with conviction. Additionally, we can supply shop drawings for all U.S. states. 
  • Cost estimations—We can calculate a comprehensive project estimate which factors the costs of the systems, related materials, and subsequent services.
  • Design consulting—Our subframing team leverages industry experience and knowledge of NVELOPE's customization capabilities to breathe life into your projects and solve complex attachment problems. 
  • Site support and preliminary training— we can equip your team with the know-how to correctly install rainscreen systems through our hands-on training. With sessions available for both the job site and before construction commences, we will ensure that crew members are proficient with the products and related tools. 

NVELOPE systems and fastening components comply with industry standards

All NVELOPE products meet the compliance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1, and do not detract from NFPA 285 Fire Tests. What’s more, the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) features our systems on their website as LBC red list free. NVELOPE is also BIM level-2 compliant.

SFS is a founder and proud member of The Rainscreen Association in North American (RAiNA) 

The Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA) is an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to serving the rainscreen market in North America. RAiNA is the leading authority on rainscreen assemblies and provides a forum for designers, trades, test agencies, and material suppliers to gather to determine best practices, interpret and inform codes, as well as educate and address technical concerns in the industry. In it’s commitment to be a leading voice in the rainscreen construction industry, SFS is a founding member of RAiNA and has voting members on a majority of the committees. For SFS to provide the best services and products, it is important for us to be on the forefront of education and technical requirements in the industry. Our membership in RAiNA is one of the steps we take to ensure this goal.

We support sustainability through system manufacturing practices

SFS limits the carbon footprint of NVELOPE components by using production methods that minimize carbon emissions and strategically chosen materials.

As the earth’s most sustainable metal, aluminum can be fully recycled using only 5% of the energy needed for primary production.

Partner with the rainscreen support experts at SFS by calling 1-844-NVELOPE (683-5673).

Whether you are in the initial planning stages or need parts delivered as soon as possible, our support team is ready to help you accomplish your goals. Use our website or catalog to explore our diverse system offering, use our charts and online tools to narrow your search, or call 1-844-NVELOPE (683-5673) to place your order or consult with our in-house experts.

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