Buying from SFS

From point of purchase through delivery, we have you covered

Getting started

We are excited to work with you and want to make it easy and comfortable for you. Use this online tool to find the SFS support specialist(s) based on your location and product interest.

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Localized service

SFS provides superior service due to strategic regional service centers positioned near to our customers.  The map below shows service coverage by state.

How to place orders

Send us your purchase order by either of the below methods, and you can expect the highest level of service and follow-thru
  • E
  • F  1-888-485-4225

Credit application form

Prospective customers need to be "credit-approved" prior to placing orders with SFS. The customer credit approval process requirements are defined in the attachments or on-line credit application form.

Terms and conditions of sale

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Sales.  Due to the stage build attributes generally affecting the purchase and delivery requirements unique to NVELOPE systems, purchases of the NVELOPE system shall be in accordance with both the General Sales Policies NVELOPE Systems and within SFS Standard Terms and Conditions.
We invite you to create an account or call 1-800-234-4533. Our sales representatives are ready to assist you with ordering the right products and answering all your questions.

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