Standing seam clips and metal fasteners

Your convenient solution for all your standing seam fastening requirements

Whether you need standing seam panel clips, bearing plates, or other metal roofing fasteners, rest assured we utilize high-caliber steel to meet strict quality standards. Plus, every panel clip and bearing plate is made in America. 

  • Our standing seam clips and metal roof fasteners are designed to surpass industry standards
  • Available in a wide variety of metals and gauges for snap lock, mechanical seam, and architectural panels
  • Complete line of metal roof fasteners specifically designed for the attachment of our standing seam clips
  • Compatible with a variety of panel types and manufacturers; we can help you identify the optimal clip, bearing plate, or fastener for your particular standing seam roofing project 
  • Roof clips may be available in alternate metals or thicknesses—contact us for more information

Panel clip selector tool

Need help finding the clips that work with your roll former machine?  Use our panel clip selector tool to assist.
Our broad assortment of standing seam clips, bearing plates, and metal screws complement popular roofing product producers, such as Zimmerman, Knudson, New Tech, and Englert. Always consult with the panel manufacturer or an experienced specialist to confirm the metal roofing clip optimally fits the panel. Our seasoned product managers are ready to answer all your standing seam clip questions so you can shop with confidence. Call 1-800-234-4533 to find the perfect metal roof clip. 
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